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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This week starting March 31 we started selling candy for our fundraiser. So far, we have made over thirty dollars. We are selling candy like different kinds of Skittles, Startbursts, Hershey's, and Kit-Kat. This weekend or sometime next week, we will buy the school supplies that the Christian Friends of New Americans church will need. The next tutoring session that we will attend is either Monday or Tuesday of next week. We feel like we are making good progress on our project and can't wait to see the kids again! -Gretchen and Lauren

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Soon we are going to start a fundraiser to raise money for the children’s supplies. We are going to hold it throughout Harmony Team and sell baked goods. After we have raised enough money we will purchase the items that are needed. We will need school supplies like glue, scissors, tape, paper, pencils and pens.  The church is in special need of space heaters to warm up the houses in the winter. The money that we raise will also go towards that. We already contacted the church and we will be starting the tutoring sessions in March. -Gretchen and Lauren

Monday, January 27, 2014

This is our poster board that we presented on January 22 at the idea showcase. We put country's flags on the board to represent where the New Americans were from. Some of the countries were Nigeria, Bhutan, and Mexico. -Gretchen and Lauren

Monday, January 13, 2014

We came up with the idea for Kids Tutoring because we had an inspiration to help kids in need. The kids we will be tutoring and helping play sports will be children who are from different countries and are new to America. These specific kids might not have many friends and not know much English. The church that we will be going to needs school supplies and space heaters for the Winter. We will create a fundraiser to raise the money for the church. We hope the kids will have a great time and learn new things! -Gretchen and Lauren

Kids Tutoriung- Gretchen and Lauren

Kids Tutoriung- Gretchen and Lauren

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to our Blog! Our 20% Time project is to help kids from different countries learn and have fun. The church we will be going to is called Christian Friends of New Americans and we will have different activities like learning some English and basic math. The goal that we want to accomplish from this experience is to help the kids who are new to America be more confident in their English. The next part of our project is to raise money to get the church new space heaters (for the winter), and extra school supplies. The easy part of this project will be after the camp when we are reflecting about the experience and the ideas that we had. The hard part of this project will be teaching the kids and raising money. This project will be indoor. -Gretchen and Lauren